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What is the Tennessee Poker Tour?

TPT is a "for fun" league playing no-limit Texas Hold'Em poker in a number of bars and restaurants primarily in Eastern Tennessee area.  TPT offers a challenge for all players from beginners to advanced players in a friendly, social setting.  This is the same type of poker you often see on TV.  If you are new to the game, we'll be happy to help you along.  For the seasoned veterans, the TPT offers a great way to fine-tune your poker skills.

There are about four sessions per year, after each session scores are reset and put in our score archive.

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How much does it cost to join the TPT?

Registration in the TPT is free.  There is a charge of $5 for each game played during the regular season. Sometimes special pricing is offered.

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Can I win money playing?

No, our regular season games are played for fun and you accumulate points for each game played, your rankings are displayed online to see who is the best player. 

We also offer our members a number of "free-roll tournaments" (no entry fee) that offer cash and prizes throughout the year.  No purchase is necessary; you just have to be a member.

In order to comply with Tennessee State law there is no gambling of any kind offered.  Any member found gambling at any TPT event will be perminantly banned from the Tennessee Poker Tour.

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Is this legal?

Yes!  The TPT is a fun and points league only, and in full compliance with state and federal laws regarding gambling. There is no “buy-in.”  We cannot require players to make a purchase from the host location.  Chips used in our tournament have no financial value.  Each player must sign a sheet stating they understand these regulations.  Our regulations are also posted at each event. TPT is committed to running our tournaments within state and federal laws.

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What are the rules?

We follow a basic set of rules for tournament style No-Limit Texas Hold'em.  For more information click here.

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When and where can I play?

The Tennessee Poker Tour hosts games around the Tri-Cities area most nights of the week. 

Find out where and when we play.

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