Tennessee Poker Tour Hall of Fame

The Tennessee Poker Tour Hall of Fame represents some of the best players in the Tennessee Poker Tour.

To be inducted into the Hall of Fame you must either win an official TPCS tournament or from session 10 onwards have the highest average in the league with at least 20 games played (to qualify the average must be 80+).

At the end of each session two new players are inducted into the Hall of Fame:
One champion, and one player with the highest qualifying average.

Past event Champions shown here in the Hall of Fame will often receive a special invitation to various poker tournament events, regardless of other qualifying factors.

This priviledge is not automatic and is entirely at the discretion of TPT management, it is not available to Best Player Hall of Famers or winners of special events not shown on this page.


TPT Legends Wing

Dan Kublawi [Six]

Gabe Harrison [Four]

Landon Maupin [Four]


Players who earn more than three entries in the Hall of Fame
with tournament wins are inducted into the TPT Legends Wing

David Jun (Right)
2018 Tournament of Champions
Everett Thomas
2018 Winter Championship
Steve Bonney
Session 47 Best Player (20 Games / 112 Average)
Andy Bolinger
Tournament of Champions
Randy Crowder
Session 46 Best Player (20 Games / 109 Average)
Jennifer Buck
2017 Spring Championship
Kevin Holmes
Session 44 Best Player (21 Games / 111 Average)
Mike Dockery
2017 Winter Championship
David Shreve
Session 43 Best Player (20 Games / 105 Average)
Session 45 Best Player (20 Games / 92 Average)
Steve 'Yoda' Chapell
2016 Fall Championship
Steve Hopland
Session 42 Best Player (20 Games / 135 Average)
Nick Hubler
2016 Spring Championship
Chad Morton
2016 Summer Championship
Aaron Blevins
Session 30 Best Player (59 Games / 81 Average)
Neil Powers
Session 40 Best Player (20 Games / 103 Average)
Andrew Forester
2016 Winter Championship
Todd Amos (Left)
Spring Thaw Brawl Champion
Session 39 Best Player (20 Games / 106 Average)
Jason Fredrickson
Session 37 Best Player (20 Games / 104 Average)
Matt Kegley
Session 38 Best Player (20 Games / 112 Average)
Johnny Street
Session 35 Best Player (20 Games / 132 Average)
Shawn Dugger
New Year's @ Old South Champion
Charles Anderson
Session 34 Best Player (22 Games / 96 Average)
Session 36 Best Player (24 Games / 105 Average)
JJ Orr
Fall Brawl Champion
John Durant
Session 32 Best Player (33 Games / 90 Average) - Tie
Session 33 Best Player (20 Games / 101 Average)
Ed Williams
Session 32 Best Player (45 Games / 90 Average) - Tie
Tournament of Champions
Brensil Rolle
Session 31 Best Player (33 Games / 88 Average)
Wes Gillin
Tournament of Champions
2017 Fall Champion
Session 41 Best Player (20 Games / 116 Average)
Colin Abel
Session 27 Best Player (40 Games / 90 Average)
John Mullin
Obamny Fall Championship
Jason Little
Third Annual Tournament of Champions
Ron Hurley
James Bacon
Fall Championship
André Bordeaux (In Red)
Session 25 Best Player (28 Games / 112 Average)
Major Bordeaux Memorial Classic
2015 Fall Championship
Ronnie Wilhoit
Session 23 Best Player (20 Games / 86 Average)
John Allen
Session 24 Best Player (24 Games / 91 Average)
Jason Clary
Session 22 Best Player (21 Games / 110 Average)
Laura Grant
Spring Fling
James Ovington
Free Fall
Dan Kublawi
Bad Santa
Summer Championship
Christmas Cash
Session 26 Best Player (22 Games / 89 Average)
Kings of Spring
Tournament of Champions
Kevin Winsch
Eggstreme Poker
Ron Schultz
Session 20 Best Player (20 Games / 90 Average)
Battle of Bristol
Todd Tipton
Session 16 Best Player (24 Games / 91 Average)
Session 17 Best Player (31 Games / 104 Average)
Ty Henry
Session 15 Best Player (23 Games / 91 Average)
Michael Hicks
Autumn Riches
Landon Maupin
Session 14 Best Player (32 Games / 90 Average)
Spring Sequester
Tournament of Champions
Gail Arrants
March Madness Invitational 2
Kenneth Ingram
Session 13 Best Player (23 Games / 87 Average)
Curtis Williams
First Annual Tournament of Champions
Midsummer Classic
Justin Lester
Christmas Cash Invitational
Caroline Hurt
Session 12 Best Player (27 Games / 88 Average)
Angie Tipton
Fanatics Oktoberfest Invitational
Richard Keen
Session 11 Best Player (57 Games / 82 Average)
Rich Pettit
Fanatics Terminator Invitational
Jim Edwards
March Madness Free Roll
Ernie Dunn
Session 10 Best Player (32 Games / 80 Average)
Triple Dog Dare
Second Annual Tournament of Champions
Shaun Julian
Holiday Poker Invitational

Gabe Harrison
March Madness Invitational
Session 19 Best Player (21 Games / 115 Average)
Session 21 Best Player (20 Games / 100 Average)
Session 28 Best Player (21 Games / 114 Average)

Ron Helsabeck
Fanatics Spring Poker Vegas Challenge
Session 18 Best Player (21 Games / 96 Average)
Trazell Silvers
Fanatics Summer Heat Championship
Summer 2017 Championship
Mike Miskus
Picassos Poker Championship
Dan Hurt (Center)
Fanatics Spring Poker Invitational
Irish Spring
Mary Kublawi
Woodstone Poker Invitational
Dog Daze
Kevin Anderson
Stateline Bar & Grille Fall Freezeout
David Mullins
Fanatics World Series Of Poker Shootout
Rick Minnick
Borderline Poker Championship
Chris Healey
Stateline Bar & Grille Invitational
Amy Booher
Woodstone Poker Classic


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