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The Tennessee Poker Tour (TPT) is a play-for-fun league of poker enthusiasts who meet to play tournament style No Limit Texas Hold’em at a variety of venues across Tennessee.

The TPT was founded in early 2006 by Dan Kublawi who owned and operated it until late Febuary 2014. The TPT is now owned and operated by Ronnie Wilholt and Ed Williams who serve as joint CEO.

Other poker leagues have come and gone in the Tri-Cities. The TPT is now the longest running and most successful poker league in the region.

Membership is open to all players of all skill levels subject to our member rules:

Membership Guidelines

  • Membership in the Tennessee Poker Tour is free.  Simply ask a dealer for a membership application form.
  • Members agree to abide by all rules laid out on this page.  Members understand that violation of any of these rules may lead to a temporary or permanent ban from the TPT.
  • Members understand that from time to time the rules of the TPT may be amended, and are therefore advised to check this page regularly for any changes.
  • Membership is open to players aged 18 or older, no one under 18 will be allowed to join or play in any games or events. Some venues may restrict entry to persons over the age of 21.
  • There is NO GAMBLING allowed at any time.  Any person found gambling will be expelled from the league and banned from playing in any future games or events.  This is a Tennessee State law, and therefore we have zero tolerance for gambling.
  • Management of the TPT reserve all rights regarding membership.  TPT management may elect to temporarily or permanently suspend membership to the TPT for any reason at their sole discretion.

Member Conduct

  • At all times please be polite and courteous to other players and dealers.
  • The Tennessee Poker Tour is designed to allow members to play in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere. Behavior that disrupts the game or spoils the experience for other players will not be tolerated.  Examples of unacceptable behavior include excessive profanity, drunk or obnoxious behavior, verbal or physical abuse or harassment of other players or dealers.  Disruptive or discourteous players will be subject to disciplinary actions which may include temporary or permanent expulsion from the Tour at the discretion of TPT management.  A dealer may disqualify a player from a game for unacceptable conduct, in which case the player will not be permitted further involvement in that game and their score will be recorded as a 10th place finish, regardless of chip position or number of players left.
  • During each hand of a game the dealer will prompt you when it is your turn to act.  Players should not act out of turn or reveal information about their cards until the hand is over.
  • If you are new to the game it is suggested that you inform the dealer prior to the game.  The dealer will be happy to explain your options to you when it is your turn. The best advice for new players is to watch what is going on, wait until the dealer indicates that it is your turn and if you have any questions ask the dealer.  The dealer will inform you of what actions are available to you, such as fold, raise, call, bet etc.  The dealer will not be able to give you information about strategy or specific advice about your hand.
  • Drinking is permitted at the table, please keep drinks in a holder or on a place mat.  Players spilling drinks on the table may be required to pay for damage they cause to the table or equipment.
  • Food may be consumed at the table, but please do not place food items on the table.  While eating do not disrupt the flow of the game.  Keep in mind that getting food residue on the cards or chips can cause considerable disruption to the game, please be considerate and sensible.
  • Smoking is not permitted at the table.  If you wish to smoke please step away from the table.  Be considerate of other players and the dealer.
  • Phone calls are not allowed, if you need to make or receive a call step away from the table.
  • If you need to step away from the table for any reason, your hand will be folded and blinds will be posted for you.
  • If you miss two sets of blinds (two orbits), your remaining chips will be forefited, and your final position will be recorded as a loss at that point in time. It will not be possible to rejoin that game at a later time.
  • If a player has not returned to the table by the time they are compelled to be all-in in the blind, his or her hand will be dead and their remaining chips will be awarded to the winner(s) of the hand.

Game Structure

  • All league games are played single table tournament style starting with ten players.  Those familiar with online poker will find it similar to a 'single table sit and go tournament.'
  • Each player will start with $5,000 in chips and play will continue until one player has won all the chips.
  • Chips have no cash value whatsoever at any point before, during or after the game.
  • Chips remain property of the Tennessee Poker Tour at all times and may not be removed from the tables.  Theft of chips will result in a life long ban from the TPT, and possible legal action.
  • When a player has lost all their chips they are out, and their finishing position will be recorded and posted on the web site. There are no re-buys or add-ons or other tournament chips provided at any time for any reason. Players wishing to play again are free to sign up for a new game.
  • The blind structure of league games is as follows:
    • $100 / $200 - 15 Minutes
    • $200 / $400 - 15 Minutes
    • $400 / $800 - 10 Minutes
    • 5 Minute Break
    • $800 / $1,500 - 10 Minutes
    • $1,500 / $3,000 - 10 Minutes
    • $3,000 / $6,000 - 10 Minutes
    • $4,000 / $8,000 - 10 Minutes
    • $5,000 / $10,000 - Until game ends
  • The times shown above remain true even if heads up play begins.  The clock keeps running regardless of how many players remain.
  • Players are awarded points for their finishing position, these points are used to calculate player average and create a leader board which is displayed on this web site.
  • Throughout the year various free tournaments will be held for members typically at the end of each session and a couple of other times during the year.  Entry into these tournaments is free; prizes are given away to members who attend.  Prizes may include poker related items, gifts from our sponsors, trips and paid entries into major poker tournaments etc.

Rules To Remember
Based on a blog post by Dan Kublawi, TPT FORMER CEO

  1. Players are asked to complete one game, before signing up for another game. (Rule update: 8/24/16)

  2. Chip Display - Players must keep their higher denomination chips in plain sight at all times (i.e. not behind lower denomination chips). If chips of different denominations are stacked together, the higher denomination chips must be on top. This helps players determine their betting with regard to other player’s chip stacks.

  3. While there is no existing “betting line” on TPT tables, bets must be made in one full motion. Players may not hover multiple chips over a pot and drop a few into it. The only exeption to this is if a player announces his bet amount prior to the motion. I recommend announcing your bet simply to avoid any confusion. The same rule applies for raising an existing bet. Again, I recommend announcing a raise and the amount if possible rather than risking a mistake with your “motion”.

  4. While TPT dealers strive to be their best, they are not professional dealers and are not required to conform to the standards required for Las Vegas poker room dealers. If you have a problem with a dealer, do not attempt to resolve it with the dealer. Simply call the site operator and they will have the final say in any dispute. If the site operator does not resolve a situation to your satisfaction, you may then contact TPT management through this website.

  5. Players who are “called” must show their cards regardless of the outcome of the hand. If a player has bet and another player has called the bet, the player calling the bet has the right to see the cards of the player who initially made the bet. This only applies at showdown, of course. Prior to showdown, players always have the opportunity to fold their hand. **Keep in mind that if the winning player asks to see a losing players mucked hand, the losing players hand becomes live, and the best hand wins.

  6. While many players have often commented that they do not like the way a particular dealer deals, shuffles, or displays the cards, this has no affect on any one particular player’s ability to win or lose a table. Every table will have a winner eventually and it is doubtful the winner will be complaining about the dealer.

  7. Any wager must be at LEAST the size of the previous bet or rasie in that round, unless a player is going all in.

  8. Anyone who sees an incorrect amount of chips put into the pot, or an error about to be made in awarding a pot, has an ethical obligation to point out the error.

  9. Rapping the table in turn with your hand is a pass. Being a drummer, I have made this mistake many times in real money poker games. Even the slightest tap is considered a check or pass, so be careful. Any player at the table can call you on it!

  10. DRAMA!  At the end of the day league poker is just a game; a bit of fun and light entertainment.  Please keep this in mind when playing TPT league games.  Drama and confrontation between players or with dealers spoils the game for everyone.  Play nice, and have fun.  Be respectful of other players and staff.
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