Tournament Results
Dog Daze - June 2012

Another tournament and another record. Mary Kublawi took down the tournament, and became part of an elite group of tournament winners who have taken more than one championship. Other members who have achieved this include her husband Dan Kublawi, Gail Arrants, Curtis Williams, Dan Hurt and Ernie Dunn.

The Tennessee Poker Tour continues to provide the highest standard of pub poker in the region, so even making a final table (top six) is hard. Taking more than one championship certainly proves that winning was no fluke!

The Major and Rich Petit also made the final table, something they have done several times before.

Thank you to all players that participated, we hope you all had a great time.
  Thanks to the staff and management of Fanatics for their support and hard work.
Thanks to the dealers who made this tournament possible.


1st - Mary Kublawi

2nd - Rich Petit

3rd - The Major

4th - Erica Ford

5th - Andrew Forrester

6th - Jack Jaynes


Winner: Mary Kublawi

Curtis Williams, Champion

Mary Kublawi, Dog Daze Winner, June 2012

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